About Us

Spring Capital Management, L.L.C. was founded in 2008. After having worked for a publicly traded brokerage firm for over ten years, our founder, Richard McElreath felt Wall Street had one purpose: to serve themselves and the big institutional clients that drive their business. In Richard's opinion the investor is far down the list of priorities of many of today's brokerage firms.

Now do not misinterpret those thoughts. We are big believers of capitalism and the free market, we just need to know where we stand in the market. The market has a lot to offer, we just do not have to subscribe to all of it. Liquid and efficient markets are something we use to our advantage. We leave the Initial Public Offerings, new investment ideas, and other hot topics at the time to others. Following the crowd or the latest trend is not our objective.

In addition, Spring Capital contributes more value through multiple product offerings in one location for both individuals as well as institutions.

The bottom line is this, no matter your investment goal, Spring Capital has a solution to fit your capital allocation.


Investment Advisory Services offered through Spring Capital Management, LLC, 

Registered Investment Advisor